Silkie Chickens

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Silkie chicken
Silkie chicken- Show Girl
Silkie chicken- Cleo
Silkies and day old chicks
Silkiie chicken- black
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Silkie chicken- Cleo
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Silkie chickens and day old chicks
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Silkie & Silkie Show Girl Chickens

These little balls of fluff are amazing. At first glance you will probably not be impressed by their appearance. At least, we weren't. But in time they will overwhelmingly win your heart over with their care for one another. If you read the little story in “About Us” you will see how they won ours.

Our Ben, the fearless head honcho, will protect his ladies and babies from any would-be attacker, even if it is only a shadow. But once he is in your arms he is nothing but a baby.

In our flock we have the white, black, blue and wheaten Silkies along with the unique Show Girls.

Silkies are great in confinement but also can free range very well. Because of their feathering they have handled our Wisconsin winters well. They are very docile so they can be bullied by larger chickens- it's best to separate them from more aggressive birds.

Ours are very good layers, even laying throughout the winter months. But be careful, because their broodiness means you may have babies in the winter.

Here are Ben, our Silkie rooster, and Lili, our Maltese. Separated at birth?
Silkie rooster Lili


One of our very first roosters, #1 Papa, was unbelievable. When our first Silkie hen, Cleo, would get off the nest for food or other necessities, he would lay on the clutch of eggs. Cleo tolerated him, but when another Silkie got off her clutch and he tried to help her out the same way, she let him know she was not happy. You know what they say about an old mother hen!
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