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Sussex Chickens

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Sussex hen-   our Rosie
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Rosie, our Sussex hen
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Speckled Sussex Chickens

In our free range group, which started out as our “walking flower patch” we decided to get some Speckled Sussex. That is how we got our Rosie. She is the most entertaining bird that we have. She is always around whether you're moving hay or cleaning the barn. She is there to inspect and “help”. We have to be careful because she has been known to want to “help” unload the car after a shopping trip. When the weather is nasty, she will probably be the only one out scouting around (though the door is open to all of them).
The mahogany color of these birds is amazing. Our rooster, Rockie, has caught the attention of a number of chicken lovers.

This is a hearty dual purpose bird which lays light colored eggs. Because of their gentle demeanor they do well in both confinement and free range.


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